Our Mission

Our mission is to guarantee you the very best diamonds. As one of the world’s leading diamond wholesalers and diamond manufacturers, we aim to deliver the highest possible value to all our stakeholders: from customers to suppliers to employees, wherever they may be in the world. And by setting the highest standards based on our core values: Excellence - Innovation - Client Focus - True Purity. It is these values that enable us to achieve our mission time and time again, to build long-term relationships of trust and to drive both our business and yours beyond the limits.

About Epoch Diamonds

Epoch Diamonds is specialize in all Diamonds of every shape, size (even calibrated size or particular sieve size). Epoch Diamonds takes care of all your needs in DIAMONDS at the best possible competitive prices. Epoch Diamonds also takes care of all your Diamond jewellery requirements from LOOSE DIAMONDS, RINGS, EARINGS, TOPS, BRACELETS, NECKLES SETS, WATCHES and all that reflect beauty and feature eternal and enduring designs.


What We Think And Do

The success is due as much to the integrity of our approach as to the exceptional quality of our diamonds. We just do not aim to succeed for ourselves, but also try to pass on the success and the benefits to our suppliers, customers, employees, and in the community in which we work and live.

Simple and elegant, our creation, crafted out of the finest quality Belgium diamond cut and 9K-10K-14K-18K gold is unique in its style and gives the wearer a sense of individuality. We are committed towards the attainment of complete client satisfaction and this is the reason our collection stands high in quality and genuineness.

Client Opinions & Reviews

Our customers’ experiences with their beautiful diamonds and our company are invaluable to us. What differentiates our diamonds from mined diamonds is not simply their origin but the fact that they become the constant reminder of the ones you love.

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